Sol is a design studio working and thinking in the field of spatial and object design—remembering and exposing thereby the classical profession of interior architecture to the sun. Not accommodating but being open for abstraction, the hot topics and the contingency of our daily life, the studio proposes ‘solar-vernaculars’ as a means to build a home in today’s world; poetic, rich, and yet casual and lightweight—original spaces, objects and life, human and non-human, not native to the ground but native to the sky.

The studio acts within the change of the seasons in cycles of one extended solar day to address the now in a sophisticated manner. From night, to sun-rise, to high-sun and sun-set we are working on objects that move about the day and spaces that fashion the sun; sun-rooms, solaria, that know from the world, the past and future, opening unforeseen possibilities while entering the night anew: architectures close to life—living-spaces just under the sun.






The sun is our capital, the database, and the seasons, our motor; spring and summer, fall and winter, characteristics of weather, qualities of light, daily rituals; fashions, temperaments, visions and memories—times of action full of right moments.


Studio SOL is a design studio run by Georg Fassl in partnership with Indrė Umbrasaitė.

It is based at the Department for Architecture Theory and Philosophy of Technics, Vienna University of Technology.


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